Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Total Money Makeover: An Overview

For those trying to get out of debt, books by Dave Rasmey are often recommended. I listen to his radio show about once a month (we can't get it where I live, so I have to listen via internet), and I have seen him at a live event in Birmingham.

He is probably best known, though, for his books. The Total Money Makeover simply walks readers through two major sections.

  • The first part of the book (chapters 1-5) deals with how to view money. Myths about money are discussed as are attitudes.

  • The second part (chapters 6-13) deals with Ramsey's "baby steps" to wealth.

In these reviews, I will simply give my impression of each chapter of the book. I own the book and have read it cover-to-cover three times. While I don't follow everything in it, I see the wisdom behind the book.

Overall, the book is helpful, and I hope you will see the value of picking it up as we discuss each chapter, starting tomorrow.

If you wish to order the book, you may click on the ad below.