Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gas $$ Saving Tip #13

Today's tip is one that doesn't apply to me at this point, but I have read several articles around the 'net by those who say it really does add up.

If You are a Member, Buy Gas at a Discount Club, such as Sam's or Costco. Most of these clubs now have a gas station out front, and many offer pretty significant discounts on gasoline for their members.

I said that this does not apply to me, and that is for one simple reason: I am not a member of one of these clubs. The closest to me is a Sam's Club, and it is about an hour away. And, add to that, it does not yet have a gas station.

Now a word of caution. Some other stores offer a discount if you carry their credit card. As much as I like saving money, I don't do this. More articles are coming on this subject, but my family does not carry a single credit card. We used to, and we "only" used it for gas. Yeah, right! That's why we don't get a "gas card." We know that, if we had one, we'd use the savings to buy a candy bar and soda with every fill-up.