Sunday, June 3, 2007

Gas $$ Savings Tip #2

As mentioned in last week’s introduction, very few of these tips will be new news. Also, each one will only save a few pennies or dollars. However, with gas prices continuing to rise, these will add up very quickly.

That is the case with today’s tip: Keep your tires inflated. On the tire, there is a recommended psi (pounds per square inch) for the tire. Checking your tires every few days will make a world of difference. Also, make sure you check all four tires. On one of my vehicles, I have one tire that seems to get low more quickly than the others. Keeping your tires at optimum levels can give you as much as 10% better gas mileage.

But, if you want to take this tip to the extreme, fill your tires with nitrogen. Visit for more information. (This is a great, well-done site.) Nitrogen keeps tires better inflated than regular air. On the homepage there is a calculator that will help you see how much money you could save by making this simple change. In fact, some mechanics are doing this as a general practice.