Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dental Insurance: Is It REALLY Worth It?

Since I haven't been to the dentist in about 2 and a 1/2 years, and Stacey hasn't been in 5 or 6 years, we're starting to plan to go to the dentist. Since we don't have dental insurance, this post is personally one that I have been examining with great interest.

Cost of Premiums: Two alternatives will be examined.
1. BCBS Dental Insurance - True dental insurance for an individual and spouse through Arkansas Blue Cross/Blue Shield is $55.20 per month, or $662.40 per year.
2. Dental discount groups - These discount groups are not true insurance, but can be purchased for pretty cheap and give considerable savings at some dentists. One example is Dentemax Discount Dental Plan available through The cost of this plan is $150 per year (and that includes any dependent children).

Expenses in Need Without Insurance: I called the dentist office I plan to go to for the first time here soon for prices. $130 for a new patient exam and x-rays, $50 for the cleaning. Assuming both Stacey and I do an initial visit, plus an extra visit each (say $80 for that visit, cleaning and exam), and that we have one filling (at $100...estimated based on this dentist's prices compared with those here) the price for all of this without any discounts or insurance would be: $620. However, I don't think the extra visits or a filling would really be that much from this dentist.

Cost of Premiums + Deductible in Use
1. BCBS Insurance - There is a $50 deductible for fillings and other covered restorative services. Coverage is 80% for preventative and minor restorative services. Thus for the visits listed above with this insurance: $114 'co-insurance' + $50 deductible + $662.40 = $826.40.
2. Discount Plan - In depth checkup twice at $33 each; 6 month checkup twice at $22 each; Adult Teeth Cleaning 4 times at $43 each; One filling at $65. Total cost: $347 at the visits + $150 for the plan = $497.

Conclusion: Dental Insurance really doesn't make sense, unless you are going to be needing major restorative service (in which case the BCBS plan above only pays 50%, and pays out a maximum of $1,000 per member per year . . . so it still might not be worth it). A dental discount plan may be very beneficial, depending upon where you live. I would have to drive at least an hour to find a dentist which accepts the discount plans described, so it's not worth it to us. Since I've only had one filling ever in my life, I don't expect to need any for a lot longer. So dental insurance and discount plans aren't for me. Instead, we'll try to deposit a little extra each month into savings, and spread it out over time in that way, “self-insuring.”

NOTE: Over the following weeks I will return to this series (Insurance: Is It REALLY Worth It?). I believe it will be beneficial to examine car insurance, cell phone insurance, and extended warranties or service protection plans, although perhaps not in as great of detail. If you have other types of insurance you would like me to examine, post a comment, and I'll consider doing so. This is the last post concerning insurances relating to health, though.


Hobo Mama said...

Thanks for doing the math! I was looking at dental insurance and doing my own calculations, and I came to the same conclusion. It's nice to have it verified. I suppose it might be different if someone can afford better and cheaper insurance through work, but since my husband and I are self-employed, our choices are limited to bad and expensive. But I'll look into discount plans in this area -- thanks for the heads up.

Just as a note for saving money without insurance: Tell your dentist you don't have any (obviously) -- sometimes they'll give a pity discount or throw in X-rays or something for free. :) And they might also give up to a 10% discount for paying upfront in cash if you can swing it. And, finally, there's always the frugal plan of barely ever going to the dentist in the first place...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for researching on this topic and it really helped me decide on whether I should get a dental plan. I was searching for a dental plan for my daughter who is 8 years, and purchased Anthem blue cross of California…I has a bit naïve on how dental plans work at the time…So after I purchased the plan I took her to see a dentist that was in their network (HMO) which means I can only choose a dentist in their network. After she was examined, the dentist told me that she needed to go see a specialist or a periodontist and one who specialized in children. The nurse at the office called several places to refer me to but unfortunately my plan refuses to cover the any fees and services if she is seen by a specialist because according to their policy any children over the age of 7 must be seen by a general dentist. Anyway I was disappointed and dumfounded and stressed out because my daughter needed a baby root canal asap!. So I scurried home went online and spoke with friends and family and asked their opinions about other dental plans. I then looked into a PPO this time and several that I have researched all have waiting periods of up to 6 months for major works not to mention the deductibles and high monthly plans—and I don’t have time wait 6 months for that, I mean it doesn’t make sense to me at all. So I decided that I just pay out of pocked for the root canal…I took her to a specialist and paid roughly $500 and a follow-up was included. And that was the only major work she ever needed. For the most part her teeth are pretty healthy. I have not seen a dentist for at least 5 years now and my teeth are healthy as well. If I need teeth cleaning I’ll rather just pay one time fee for the visit. And figured I can just set aside money each month for dental visits.
Frankly, dental insurance does not make sense to me either and not worth it unless you have tons and tons of major works done on your teeth…

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