Monday, June 11, 2007

Gas $$ Saving Tip #7

Another week, five more tips for saving you $$ at the gas station. Hopefully, you are using these tips to save money you can give to the Lord and invest in your family.

Today's tip: Buy Gas on Wednesday.

Even when gas prices are "steady" (there's a phrase you haven't heard in a while!), prices are likely to begin rising on Thursday, anticipating the coming weekend travelers. If there is a time in the week when prices will be lower, it will usually be on Wednesday.
If you are planning a weekend outing, do a little planning, and buy your gasoline before Thursday. More often than not, you'll save a few cents.
Please note that this tip is following the law of averages. Will there be weeks when you buy on Wednesday and then the price dips down? Of course, but most likely, the opposite will happen. Following this tip, over time, will save you on gas.
If you have comments on this tip, please feel free to leave them.