Thursday, June 7, 2007

Gas $$ Saving Tip #5

Here’s a way to save money by getting infinite gas mileage: walk or ride a bike.

How many times do we drive our car around the block to visit our neighbors? When my family moved to Paducah, Kentucky, we had a neighbor who would drive the garbage cans to the street, and the driveway was, at most, about 150 feet long!

There are going to be several articles in the coming months and weeks about cheap ways to entertain your family, but why not walk to some of those things? In some ways, that can be as much fun as the actual activity!

If you live less than a mile from work, you might want to consider a bicycle. It may not be great on 100-degree days, but in the Fall and Spring you could save a fortune on gasoline; not to mention the health benefits.

So, the next time your neighbors invite you over for a BBQ, walk over to their place. You’ll enjoy the fresh air, and you’ll save all your gas money.