Friday, June 8, 2007

Gas $$ Saving Tip #6

Today’s tip is one that I am terrible about breaking. I do this constantly, even though I know I’m costing myself a few cents each time. I guess old habits die hard.

Today’s tip:
don’t “top off” the tank excessively. If you continue to pump gas into your car, one of two things will happen. Either (1) you will end up spilling some down the side of your car and onto the ground, or (2) some will evaporate.

To help avoid these, let me add this bonus tip (hey, it’s Friday, right?): keep the gas cap fastened tightly.

If you are anything like me, you top off your tank to get to the next dollar (or 10 cents). One or two extra pumps are not any big deal, but, if you are at $29.10 and want to get to an even $30, you will waste a pretty good amount of gas. It’s better to just trust the automatic shut-off on the gas pump.

Now that you have read the first 6 tips, you should start seeing the possibility of saving a decent amount on your gasoline. We’ll take the weekend off, and then we will unveil another tip each day Monday through Friday for the rest of June. Add them all up, and you could really have some extra dollars around!


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