Friday, June 29, 2007

Gas $$ Saving Tips: A Review

Today we posted our 21st and final gas saving tip. We hope you have found these helpful. Some may save a little, while others may save a lot, but add them all together, and you've got some good tips.

Below are links to all 21 tips.

Tip #1: Use

Tip #2: Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated/Use Nitrogen

Tip #3: Combine Trips

Tip #4: Buy Gas when the Temperature is Cooler

Tip #5: Walk or Ride a Bike

Tip #6: Don't "Top Off" the Tank Excessively

Tip #7: Buy Gas on Wednesday

Tip #8: Don't Jackrabbit

Tip #9: Use the A/C Sparingly

Tip #10: Use Cruise Control

Tip #11: Use the Lowest Octane Gasoline Your Vehicle Can Handle

Tip #12: Don't Stop if You Can Avoid It

Tip #13: If You are a Member, Buy Gas at a Discount Club

Tip #14: Avoid Excessive Warming Up of the Engine on Cold Days

Tip #15: Don't Pack Heavy Stuff

Tip #16: Don't Idle too Long, but also Don't Start and Stop the Engine Excessively

Tip #17: Remove Anything that Causes Drag

Tip #18: Anticipate Hills

Tip #19: Buy a Hybrid

Tip #20: Change the Oil (General Car Maintenance)

Tip #21: Use Overdrive Gears when Possible

Got other tips, or thoughts on any of these? Please feel free to leave a comment.