Monday, June 18, 2007

Gas $$ Saving Tip #12

Today's tip is one of my favorites, and it's one I can actually say I practice whenever possible (maybe that's why I like it so much).

Don't Stop If You Can Avoid It.

What does that mean?

You know how most people drive. We are rolling along on a highway at 65 miles per hour and then we see that sign: stoplight ahead. So what do we do? If we are like most people, we keep rolling along at 65 mph until the last moment and then we skid to a stop.

Why not touch the brakes, slow down a bit and keep rolling until the light turns green? Then, when it does, remember another tip: don't jackrabbit. Accelerate intelligently.

You see, when you stop, you are getting exactly 0 miles to the gallon! And, coming to a complete stop is harder on your mpg than slowing down reasonably.

So, while that guy in front of you screams right up to the light, you just take it easy...

...and, who knows, you may just pass him when he is stopped at the light and you are still rolling along. You may pass him at 25 miles per hour, but, hey, it's still a good feeling!