Thursday, June 28, 2007

"The Total Money Makeover" (Chapter 1)

In the opening, and brief, chapter of The Total Money Makeover, Dave Ramsey tries to get the reader to understand that the problem lies with them. So often we want to blame our troubles, including our financial woes, on others. We need to answer the question Ramsey asks on page 3: "Are you ready to take on the guy or gal in your mirror?"

What a great question!

Chapter one is the first of the "attitude" chapters, as I call them. We need to take a look around and see what is happening to our finances. Ramsey is very forward in pointing out that, if things were going swimmingly with our money, we wouldn't have bought the book! He teaches us to try his way--all the way. While later chapters will actually unveil the plan, he wants to lay the groundwork now that it takes a total effort (and, if you are married, a total team effort).

Chapter one also gives the "motto" of The Total Money Makeover: "If you will live like no one else, later you can live like no one else." That statement is found at the bottom of every single page of the book, so the reader will continue to see it and believe it. To explain the motto, Ramsey writes:

It's my way of reminding you that if you will make sacrifices now that most people aren't willing to make, later on you will be able to live as those folks will never be able to live. (pages 5-6)

Chapter one is brief, but a very good introduction. Some will not want to work, so will not continue reading. I hope you will be different from them. This book contains valuable information in upcoming chapters.