Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Gas $$ Saving Tip #8

Talk about "preaching to the choir." Today's tip is one that I really (really, really...) need to work on. It goes to the actual driving process.

Don't Jackrabbit.

What does it mean to "jackrabbit"? It's when you come close to a stop sign or light and hit the brakes hard. Then when it's your turn or the light turns green, you press the gas pedal really hard.

You see, when you are accelerating or braking really hard, you are wasting a tremendous amount of gas. Many hybrid cars (and some others) tell how many miles per gallon you are getting at all times. If you watch those screens, you will notice that the mpg drops an amazing amount when you brake hard or pound on the gas pedal.

Again, this is "preaching to the choir." I always seem to be trying to beat everyone off the line (in a Daewoo, no less). Slow down. Brake slowly. Accelerate slowly. Over time, you'll save a great amount of gasoline.