Friday, June 29, 2007

Sometimes It Hurts

Getting out of debt isn't easy. It takes focus. It takes sacrifice, at least to some degree.

But sometimes, like today, it hurts a bit.

I know we aren't supposed to be attached to "stuff," but some "stuff" has sentimental value, and today we got rid of two pieces that were a little hard to get rid of.

First, we put some things in a yard sale with a neighbor. We didn't have enough items to have our own, so we asked if we could just combine with them. They were kind enough to allow us to do that. One of the items was a futon that we bought just before moving to Haleyville. It was our "big piece" in a den in our first house in Haleyville. Not a major loss, but it still was a part of us that moved from Somerville to Haleyville.

But, the other WAS a big deal. About 5 minutes ago, a guy drove off with a car. My 1991 Ford T-bird sold on eBay yesterday, and the man came to pick it up today...and actually hauled it off! This was the car that Leah and I dated in. We took it on our honeymoon. It's been to Kentucky many times. Faughnmobile II is no more.

But, while getting rid of stuff like this hurts a bit, the cash in my pocket is really helping things. And, then, when I think of going to the bank tomorrow to put that cash on our loan...things really start to brighten up!

...and it's just "stuff" anyway!