Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Paying for Gas: Reader Reaction

No, this isn't an article dealing with the high price of gasoline (although we might get more interaction with such an article). We understand that gas prices are "up there," and that they are not coming down any time soon...despite all the emails of ways to "stick it to" the major companies.

This post is a way for you to share you ideas. When my wife and I plan our budget for each month, the hardest expense to figure out is gasoline. We always try to list any places we are going during the month (visiting family, speaking engagements, etc.). We also try to leave some "extra" room for just filling up the car normally (visiting around town, going to work, etc.).

However, at the end of the month, we are nearly always way off. Sometimes (although not often) we have planned too much money for gas. More often than not, though, we have not planned enough. It doesn't usually destroy our budget, it just means that we have less money to attack our debts with.

The two major factors are usually "hidden" trips and unknown gas prices. We always seem to make an extra trip shopping to Florence (round trip, about 120 miles) or we go visit family and gas where they are is 15 cents per gallon more expensive.

One of our first "series" on this blog was ways to save money on gasoline. Those tips still help me, but I need help in this area. How do you budget for gas? It is such an ever-changing amount of money, what are some of your better tips? Please leave comments and help all our readers--and this writer--with this area of their budget.