Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What I'm Thinking

As I continue to think about the car situation (scroll down to the last article if you don't know what's going on), I keep thinking about the decision my wife and I made quite a while ago.

We are paying for a car right now, and we really don't ever want to do that again. We know that there is a chance we might have to, but we really hate doing it.

I'm a guy. I get car fever every so often. Yeah, I'm one of those who likes to go to the lots after they close and look around; you know, when the sales persons aren't flocking to you like sharks to blood. I know I've bought my last new car (the car we are paying on is used, in fact), but I still enjoy looking.

So, what are we going to do about our car situation? We're still deciding, but I found a short presentation that makes it harder to even consider a payment. Here it is. Enjoy.

Let's with one car for a while and have over a million dollars, or go more deeply into debt...

We may decide to buy a car, but we are doing our best to avoid a payment.

Just as an update, my wife and I--yes, together--sat down last night with our budget, our bills, etc., and talked about this situation. We feel like Step One is complete: just getting "the numbers" in front of us will help us decide.