Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ramsey's First Show a Success

I love DVR! Our young people were involved in our Area-Wide Bible Bowl last night, so I was going to miss Dave Ramsey's first show on the new Fox Business Network. However, due to DVR, I was able to record the show and watch it later with my wife.

The first show, which Ramsey admitted was a little different from the way the format will regularly be, featured more of Dave giving his usual opening speech (middle-class roots, quickly became a millionaire, lost it all, learned more about how money really works, etc.). He also took one entire segment to outline the 7 Baby Steps that serve as the basis of his advice.

There were several phone calls and emails throughout the show, and these will form the major portion of the show on most nights. The only drawback, in my mind, is that the show is only one hour in length. The reason that is a drawback is because Ramsey seemed to hurry through the phone calls to cover more ground. Maybe that will change when the show is almost entirely phone calls and emails.

Overall, I enjoyed the show. If you like Ramsey's radio show, you will like the TV show. The graphics are well-done and easy to read, and the premise is simple: Dave behind a desk answering questions.

Catch the show each weekday at 8 Eastern/7 Central on Fox Business. If you are on DirecTV, the channel is 359.