Wednesday, October 10, 2007

5 Days Until Dave on TV

Dave Ramsey, whose "Baby Steps" have helped thousands get out of debt (and are helping many more--me included!)--will soon be on television.

For a long time, a local Nashville station has aired some of the Dave Ramsey radio show on its local market, but that failed to reach many people. So, in just five days, Dave will be on a new network, Fox Business Network, in a primetime slot.

It is worth checking with your local cable network to see if the network will be on in you area. GREAT NEWS: If you have DirecTV, you will be getting the network (channel 359). I enjoy hearing Ramsey's radio program, but don't get to hear it much (since I'm usually at work when he is on). A prime-time TV slot would let me see him (or record via DVR) the program and get a little "help" each day.

Click here for the link from Dave's website, which also features a short video about the move.

Here is the new network's website.