Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Time is Money
Google's Internet Accelerator

When we find a way to save time, we are in essence being more frugal. I want to share just one quick way to help save time.

I spend more time on the internet than most people, I'd say, and really most days probably more than I should! However, if I'm going to be looking at things on the internet, at least I can do some things to save time while on the internet. One of these time savers is of course to get high-speed internet. I cannot fathom going back to dial-up. In dial-up days I would usually do something else while I looked at things on the internet. For example, I'd read, and every time I finished a paragraph check to see if the page had loaded yet. With DSL, I basically just surf. In addition to high-speed internet though, I recommend an internet accelerator. Google's Web Accelerator is free to download and use, and helps to speed up page load times. One method of doing so is through 'pre-fetching.' When you go to a page, the accelerator begins downloading the links from that page into a temporary storage folder, in case you want to view them. This is a benefit, because over time it shortens the time you have to spend waiting on the pages to load. Since I purchased my new laptop in December, I have looked at 38,021 web pages. To view all of this information would have taken 3 solid days of browsing with my DSL connection. With Google Web Accelerator, I've spent just less than 2.5 days - I've saved 13 hours of browsing time in 6 months (click here to see Google Web Accelerator's report of my usage). That's a considerable amount of time saved, and time is money!