Tuesday, August 7, 2007

"Giving Our Way to Prosperity" (Lesson 2)

Lesson two of V.P. Black's book is entitled "Some Facts about Money," and has as its purpose, "To help us have the attitude toward material possessions" (9).

Before we begin thinking about giving, we need to have a Biblical attitude toward money in general, so brother Black introduces us to several facts from the Bible that deal with money. (As I said in the last post, these reviews will not be long, but will be more like outlines of the lessons. You should want to find this book and study the lessons on your own.)

Here are the sections from lesson two:

1. We "must be honest in making money" (9-10).

2. We "must have the right attitude toward money" (10-11). This section, while brief is worth our personal study time. As we have pointed out, and will continue to do, on this blog, our attitude determines how we use God's blessings, including finances.

3. "Why do I give my money?" (11) When it all comes down to it, this is the basis for the book. Very briefly, brother Black gives several "motives" for giving to the Lord:

  • The motive of duty
  • The motive of self-respect
  • The motive of love (obviously should be the one for which we strive)

4. "How do I give my money?" (12-13) This section contains a very brief word about tithing, but more will be said later in the book about it.

5. "How should a Christian spend his money?" (13) This section introduces another very important concept to the book: stewardship. We are to be good stewards of the money God has given us. There is more about this later in the book, as well.