Wednesday, August 8, 2007

August Financial Goals

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We currently are working on several financial goals that have taken some time, and may take more time.

  1. Pay Immediately - we are working on building up our checking account so that any time a bill comes in we will be able to immediately pay it. Right now we could do this, but we'd have to take money out of savings. We always pay our bills on time, but usually near the end of the on-time period! I've seen family members with this ability to pay immediately, and it generally helps lower financial stress.
  2. Give More - Stacey's internship has turned into a paid internship, and as we begin receiving some income from this, we intend to give back to God more!
  3. Pick Up Long Term Savings - This probably won't happen this month. We've already contributed a significant amount towards our IRA's this calendar year. Right now with both of us in Grad school, our student loans are all in deferment, and only one of three is even gaining any interest (the smallest loan :). So this comes after goal number one and of course number two, meaning it will probably be next month before we are again able to contribute to the IRA's.