Friday, July 20, 2007

WYTI Links for July 20

Some good stuff for a good weekend!

  1. Forbes (via Yahoo! autos) provides an interesting perspective on why the Toyota Prius outsells other hybrid models by a wide margin. Read "The Hybrid Dilemma" to discover this compelling argument.
  2. If your town is anything like the one in which I live, the weekend is yard sale time. Every weekend, all over this community, there are yard sales. Get Rich Slowly has a great guest article written by The Yardsale Queen, Chris Heiska. You may read "Thrifty Tips from the Yardsale Queen" and follow the link in the article to her personal website, filled with great tips.
  3. USAToday gives some tips on how to save money when expecting a child in "You and Me and Baby Makes $197,700." Many of these tips are common money tips, but seeing them all together--with the perspective of having a baby--is powerful.
  4. While I hate debt (I mean, I really hate it!), student loans are not awful (especially if you use them to attend Freed-Hardeman University in Henderson, Tennessee). If you, or someone you know, is nearing the time to go to college, or is nearing their final semester(s), you will want to check out's "2007 College Financing & Career Guide."

Most importantly, don't forget where your tresure truly is this Lord's day.