Thursday, July 19, 2007

WYTI Links for July 19

Today's links are a true "mish-mash," but all the articles are helpful.

1. Christian PF (for Personal Finance) has a brief article discussing one way you can build up your emergency fund more quickly. This same system could be used for other parts of your finances, as well.

2. An amazing story (with links) dealing with a family that paid off (are you sitting down?) over $70,000 in just 19 months! This article comes from No Credit Needed.

3. Get Rich Slowly offers us this article, written from his wife's perspective, on a company that still has good customer service. Please read "Good Customer Service Still Exists." (Just an additional thought: today I had to contact DirecTV about our bill. This is the 2nd time I have had to do so in just a few months. Both times I have been promised a certain amount "off" the bill, but then had to call back and actually get the credit. I wish they had the same ethic as the people mentioned in the article above!)