Monday, July 23, 2007

A Cool Motivational Tool

Want to get out of debt? Trying to save your emergency fund? Having trouble staying motivated? What if you knew that literally anyone in the world could follow your progress; would that help?

That's exactly what you can do if you join the No Credit Needed network. Each member of the network lists how much they owe, how much they have paid, and a date set for their goal to complete the debt payment (or when they want to have a certain amount saved). The network then puts those amounts into a chart that shows up in blog form.

Every member's chart is updated whenever the member sends in the updated numbers. I joined and hope to update at the end of each month. Here is our first chart:

21.6% out of debt. That's going the right way!!!

If you want to see the charts, or join the group, check out the No Credit Needed Network.