Friday, January 11, 2008

A Quick Site Update

The authors of Where Your Treasure Is want to pass along a couple of updates.

First, we apologize for not posting for so long. We all basically took a holiday break...and then it just kept getting longer. With James' post yesterday, we are back on track.

Next, we are sorry to see one of our authors step down. I know you enjoyed reading Wes Hazel's articles that dealt with the Bible and money. His posts were always powerful and thought-provoking. Each of us writes on this blog voluntarily, and it does take time. Wes decided that he needed to step away from this (hopefully, just for awhile). We wish him well and thank him for the contributions he made to this effort.

Finally, after the holiday break, the authors decided to slow down our posting a bit. Hopefully, we will have more regular posting schedules and that will help you, the reader, be more familiar with the work being done. We will not take month-long breaks (like we just did), but we will also not have a daily post. With this site still being less than one year old, there are still some "kinks" that need to be worked out, and one is our scheduling. We hope to continue to post solid, Bible-based, practical articles that help you with your money and your faith.

If you have not added Where Your Treasure Is to your blogroll or feed reader, please do so!