Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Debt on Hold? Is that Possible?

Yes, it is.

We are still paying on our debt (of course), but we are not paying extra right now.

As you may or may not know, my family and I have accepted a job in Nashville, Tennessee, and will be moving at the end of March. We have all-but sold our house (it still has be be inspected, but we haven't had any large cracks in the walls or large mice crawling around), and have had an offer accepted on a house near Nashville (Hermitage, Tennessee, if you are keeping score at home).

With all the extras that come up in moving, we have decided to put away money for the move--just to be on the safe side. We have really been blessed in that we will have zero closing costs on either end of the house selling, and the congregation where we are moving is paying for our move (unless we can't get a decent estimate). So we should not have any major costs.

However, there are always little things that pop up in a move, and we know that. So, for the time being, we are saving up cash for "moving costs." We won't spend the money unless we absolutely have to, but we want to have it ready in case it is needed. It is serving almost like a "moving emergency fund."

But then...

whatever we don't spend?

Straight to debt!